Let’s Go Solar!

Have you ever seen those shiny panels on the roof of a building? They’re called solar panels, and they do something really cool using the sun’s energy! Let’s learn how they work:

  1. When the sunlight shines on the solar panels, something magical happens.
  2. Inside the panels, there are tiny particles called electrons. When the sun’s rays touch the panels, they make these electrons start moving.
  3. This movement of electrons is like magic because it creates something called electricity. And guess what? This electricity can be used right in the building!
  4. But wait, there’s more! Sometimes, the solar panels make even more electricity than the building needs. So, this extra electricity is sent through special power lines. People in their homes can use this extra electricity too.

Isn’t it amazing how the sun’s energy can be turned into electricity that helps power our buildings and homes? Solar panels are like a special gift from the sun to us!

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