Meet the CEO

Dr. Adeshola Cole

CEO, Tritek Consulting Ltd.

Woman of the Year, BWIB, 2018 | CEO and founder at Tritek Consulting Limited | Senior Project Manager| Award Winning Mentor, 2016 | Award Winning Training Consultant for Youth Empowerment, 2020

I’d done a few admin jobs here and there (as we probably all have), and found myself working in the bank. I started off as a cashier and suddenly worked my way up to the bank manager position; a job that sounds so glamorous, but really isn’t. So here I was managing a little team, selling loans and credit cards and all that juicy stuff, and before I knew it, time was ticking and I had been with the bank for almost ten years!

In that time I had 2 little promotions and a meagre pay rise, and every time I was promised all these great and wonderful things, that just never happened. I became tired and lost confidence in myself. I knew I had so much to give, but was just not given the opportunity to showcase my skills and expertise. I started to call in sick and my productivity at work dropped to an all time low. I had just also had my third child, and this also added to my discouragement within my career.

Then this happened… I had heard about project management and business analysis, but hadn’t the foggiest clue what they did or how it worked. All I knew was that the money was good -honesty is the best policy, as they say!… So I took a gamble and enrolled on a course, giving myself 3 months to secure a role; I secured my first project management role in 4 months, so one month below target. It wasn’t until later on that my passion was realised, and I began to mentor a lot of candidates, helping them secure roles. To date, I have successfully helped over 200 candidates secure roles as Project Managers, Business Analysts and so much more.

If I can do it, so can you…
If I can do it, so can you…